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Facebook Look Back – WALTER WHITE

Breaking Bad was one of the best shows on television and everyone’s sad it’s over but now you can ‘Look Back’ thanks to Facebook! Check out Breaking Bad’s best moments all brought to you by […]


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Great White Shark Photobombs Mother Taking [Picture] Of 12-Year-Old Son Surfing

HOLY SHARK!!!! A Cali mother — got the SHARK of a lifetime — after the snap, she took of her KID, revealed he was being STALKED by a GREAT WHITE!!! As the little boy and […]


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Lil Wayne Packs The Stage With A Dozen Twerking Beckys [Video]

When LIL WAYNE is giving you PARENTING advice… Weezy took to the stage in Las Vegas and, per usual, wanted to pack it with bouncing bootylicious babes.   His track record has been a lil off […]


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AUDIO: What’s A Whooty???

Orlando had to explain to Meredith what a ‘whooty’ was and she couldn’t believe it! Listen to this audio below… HILARIOUS!


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Store’s Commercial Sings ‘Where Black People and White People Buy Furniture and Expanics Too’ [Video]

Well it’s about damn time EXPANIC people had a place to buy quality furniture????!!!!!! Apparently, DESEGREGATION is a bit of a NEW concept in High Point, NC.  The staff of Red House furniture made themselves […]


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Study: Black students suspended more than others

A new study finds that black students are three times more likely to be suspended than white students, twice as likely as Latino students and ten times more likely as often as their Asian classmates. You’ve […]



White Girls Can’t Twerk [Video]

First, allow me start by saying that OF COURSE some white girls can twerk.  I am completely FASCINATED by twerking…mainly because I am not very gifted in the ass area so…I’m jealous and amazed by […]



White Supremacist Teams Up With Black Gang Member to Make Meth [Video]

See how much more we can accomplish just by working together?!  The quest to make METH led to quite the unlikely alliance…a member of the Aryan Nation TEAMED UP with a black inner-city gang member…


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OCALA Ice Cream Costume Mistaken for KU KLUX KLAN! [Video-Poll]

The owners of Ice Cream Family Corner and Sandwiches, in OCALA, were just trying to tempt customers when they hired an actor to dress up as a tasty treat!  Never could they have imagined that […]


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Check these two white-haired OLD LADIES tailgating at the University of Michigan football game last weekend.  They had a race to see who could SHOTGUN A BEER the fastest.  One of them did it in […]